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MatMar is a Construction Company offering Complete Services of House Renovation in Fulham and Ealing. House Renovation includes Facade, Roof, Basement, Back Garden, Patio, Deck, and Garage. We are also Contractors of House Remodelling in Ealingand Fulham. Our Company, as the house renovation contractor, carries out all projects with a creative approach based on the renovation budget offered by the owner from start to finish.

Our workers’ extensive experience guarantees that every project remains on budget and on schedule. We also remain in constant contact with our clients and keep them informed about the progress. Our contracted projects are completed to the highest standards at competitive prices.

Our Company runs office renovations for the benefit of both management and staff. For house renovations, contact us at mobile 07710 622 584, or at our office 02083541956. You can also write us at contact@matmar.co.uk

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Home Renovation Services

House renovation is often a challenge for it is time-consuming and can become overwhelming for the family. We overhaul external parts of the buildings:

  • Facade,
  • Roof,
  • Basement,
  • Back Garden,
  • Patio,
  • Deck and Garage,
  • and render full or partial external decoration carried out by our qualified and experienced workers who see to every detail to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

Our exterior house renovation services include roofing, external wall painting, plastering, re-plastering, and cladding.

Back garden, balcony, drive, deck, and patio renovation can return them to their former condition or give them a new, modern, industrial, glamorous, elegant, or rustic feel.

The interior of the house, loft, or flat may also require refurbishing which makes the life of inhabitants more pleasant and comfortable.

Complete or partial home renovations

The interior of the house, loft, or flat may also require refurbishing which makes the life of inhabitants more pleasant and comfortable.

Our company offers complete or partial home, loft, or flat renovations containing staircase and floor renovation, walls and woodwork painting, wallpaper removal, covering walls in wallpaper, adding a new bathroom suite or kitchen, plumbing repairs or plumbing replacement, full electric wiring, water, and gas supply systems.

We carry out office renovations within the construction and decoration, which add to the comfort and efficiency of workers and management. Contemporary expectations towards office work induce alterations into the structure of office rooms, wall colours, floor structure, furniture, and other equipment.

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