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Painting and Decorating Works

MatMar is among the best Companies offering Painters and Decorators in Ealing and Fulham. MatMar provides Painting and Decorating Services in Fulham and Ealing. Our Painting and Decorating Services Includes Vinyl Floors, Bamboo and Cork Floors, Carpet Floors, Laminate Floors, Engineering Wood Floors, and Ceramic Tile Floors. All painting and decorating works improve the condition of the place people live or work. Every space needs a new layer of paint from time to time, not only to make it look new but also for hygiene. All our painting projects are planned and budgeted in advance and Our Company supports customers in choosing materials and technologies adequate to the painted surfaces.

We use all contemporary types of paint of any desirable colour to satisfy our customers both for the facade and the interior walls and ceilings. Depending on the surface, the process is performed with a brush, roller, or spray painting.

If you are interested in a painting or re-decoration project, contact us at mobile 07710 622 584, or at our office 02083541956. You can also write us at contact@matmar.co.uk

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Re-decorating Services

Painting over wallpaper changes the feel of the room without much effort. On the other hand, wallpaper is considered fashionable and can be applied with patterns which are not easy to create with paints. One feature wall can decorate the whole space. We apply and replace the wallpaper in all types of rooms.

Our workers are skilled at re-decorating all kinds of rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, porches, conservatories, garages. Floors renovation or replacement changes the space and makes it more livable. We work with:

  • Vinyl Floors,
  • Bamboo and Cork Floors,
  • Carpet Floors,
  • Laminate Floors,
  • Engineering Wood Floors,
  • and Ceramic Tile Floors.

Our company offers kitchen and bathroom cabinet renovation. Woodwork, when renovated, creates the feel of a successful makeover itself. Furnishings can be replaced but partial or complete renovation gives them a new life.

Wall Painting and Decorating

Exterior wall paint is particularly important for its colour and durability. Its role is to protect the walls from weather conditions and UV radiation, mould or insects, not only to decorate the facade, consequently, the choice of the paint is one of our many priorities while all of them are equally important.

Wall paint and decoration of the space are particularly important in offices as they boost working conditions for the staff and management. Our team can paint, repaint and decorate offices to satisfy the needs and taste of the boss and employees.

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