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Plan the modernization of your house or flat in advance

When we take the decision to refurbish our house, redecorate our flat or we need particular garden works, we expect the project to be completed immediately. A professional contractor may not be, unfortunately, accessible at once. That is why it is advisable to hire the building company in advance. 

On the one hand, it gives us enough time between the planning and the moment the project is carried out. We may have space and time to analyse what can really be done, how it can be done, what results we expect to achieve. It may turn out that wallpaper is what we really like, not just wall paint, or that lighting that we saw in the store is not for our interiors. We may also decide, in time, that it will be best to convert our existing attic or build an extension to the house instead of dividing the existing rooms. Or that there is enough space to construct a suite or wardrobe for our master bedroom instead of the family bathroom refurbishment. We may decide that any repair to our existing kitchen is not what we really want, as we can afford full kitchen refurbishment. Our garden transformation also needs planning and time. What can be performed in spring, can be designed during winter. A new patio, deck or more flower beds should be planned carefully to please us during the summer and autumn season. General building works and exterior works require particular attention as they create our comfort, safety and influence the look of our house. 

On the other hand, the budget is usually the issue. What may seem impossible at the moment, can become realistic in a few months’ time. When we hire a professional contractor in advance, we can count on our project being carried out in due time. We also have an opportunity to collect enough funds to achieve more than we expected when we started our planning process. Even if we think that the day of setting our project off is distant, it may turn out to be highly beneficial to hire the building company early enough. 

When you plan to carry out your redecoration, refurbishment, conversion or extension project in the nearest future, email or telephone us in advance.

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