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What are the benefits of hiring a proper company?

MatMar is an experienced, trustworthy company which offers our customers high quality services in the field of construction and renovation. Safety of the project is crucial for the customer. All our principles ensure full safety of the contract and project for the investor through documents in writing and relevant insurance of the company.

Complete and detailed information which presents the progress of works enables our investors to follow all the process. As our customers needs and satisfaction are our goal; we support investors on any stage of the project and help introduce necessary changes thanks to constant communication.

Money and time are always vital in construction and renovation projects. Our expertise helps save money and time. Thanks to coordination of many different professional activities on the build, we work out a fast outcome, which is unavailable for many inexperienced or single craftsmen. In this way, we save time to help our customers start a new life in their new spaces as soon as possible.

Our firm stick to the budget set.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we successfully avoid buying useless materials, which is a waste of money, common in construction and refurbishment projects and guarantee quality of the effects, which do not need any improvements. We also advise our customers to buy proper quality materials fitting the existing property.

Long lasting effects of the project are the key problem. Investors value long lasting effects of refurbishment, extension or conversion and this is our primary aim – to let our customers enjoy the outcome of the project for a long time.

We pride ourselves on a professional, effective and friendly team, whose coordination of works ensures all the expected effects. We are the company you will be satisfied with.

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